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Garden Products

As well as tanks, Paton are proud to offer garden products. We pride our selves on being Victorian-owned and operated and offering quality products made from one of Australia’s most robust materials.

Paton Garden Products – conserving water through innovation and design.

Raised Garden Beds

Now you can grow your own vegetables easily and comfortably and harvest the benefits!

Using a raised bed has many positive benefits. It does not matter what your existing soil quality is like i.e. sandy or clay, you can now grow in quality, productive and water efficient soil without the back breaking digging. Soil will never become compacted or hard.

Your vegetables will produce bumper healthier crops while you are conserving water, recycling organic household waste and having the fulfilment of feeding your family from your own home produce.

Using the no-dig method, crop rotation is no longer an issue as you are continually adding and replenishing the soil with each new crop. Your soil does not need to ‘rest’ between crops so you are harvesting more vegetables all year round.

Paton Raised Garden Beds can be placed anywhere in your garden, and can be stepped in to a sloping garden. They are also an attractive addition to your patio, BBQ or entertaining area which will be a great point of conversation with your friends.

Raised Garden Beds offer gardening opportunities for the people with restricted mobility, bad backs, young children and people with disabilities.

Other benefits are:
Ideal for rural properties and wind prone open areas
No more bending or kneeling
Frost and wind protection for young seedlings
Provides a barrier for snails, slugs and pets
Water efficient gardening
Can be easily positioned anywhere in your garden
Easily netted for young plants protection
Ideal to increase your growing area for a small space

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600mm RANGE 1500mm 690mm 600mm
Available in Galvanised only 2000mm 690mm 600mm
2000mm 1000mm 600mm
2000mm 1500mm 600mm
2500mm 1000mm 600mm
3000mm 1000mm 600mm
3000mm 1500mm 600mm
800mm RANGE 1000mm 690mm 800mm
Available in Galvanised and Colorbond 1500mm 690mm 800mm
2000mm 690mm 800mm
2000mm 1000mm 800mm
2000mm 1500mm 800mm
2500mm 1000mm 800mm
3000mm 1000mm 800mm
3000mm 1500mm 800mm
Wicking Bed
1000mm 1000mm 600mm
2000mm 1000mm 600mm
1000mm 1000mm 800mm
2000mm 1000mm 800mm

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Narrow Half Beds

These fantastic beds are perfect to utilise that narrow space. Designed with a galvanized sturdy back, you can have this against a wooden fence or wall and be assured that they are fully protected from soil and water.

Ideal for:
Sprucing up an old wall
Small courtyards
Up the side of your driveway
Under a window
Against your fence

600 HIGH RANGE 1000mm 400mm 600mm
Available in Galvanised only 1500mm 400mm 600mm
2000mm 400mm 600mm
2400mm 400mm 800mm
3000mm 400mm 600mm
800 HIGH RANGE 1000mm 400mm 800mm
Available in Galvanised and Colorbond 1500mm 400mm 800mm
2000mm 400mm 800mm
2400mm 400mm 800mm
3000mm 400mm 800mm

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Wicking Bed DIY Kits

We have been watching with keen interest the momentum this wonderful technology is gaining with gardeners who are environmentally conscious. The ‘Wicking’ system is designed for climates who experience erratic rainfall, which in Australia at present is an understatement! To catch the rain when it falls and then to store it for the dry periods.

How it works
The wicking bed system is a way of growing plants in which water wicks up from an artificially created water reservoir. A impervious liner is used to contain the water, as rain falls, any excess will drain through to fill the reservoir. A PVC pipe is used to replenish the water to the reservoir by hand if needed. A 300mm dense medium such as scoria fills the reservoir and becomes saturated and sits within the water reservoir. This acts as a supporting base for the soil to be placed above it. At this 300mm level an overflow outlet is fitted to move any excess water out of the reservoir and stop potential flooding. A layer of geo-textile is place on top of the scoria and up the sides of the bed to stop any soil contaminating the reservoir and blocking the PVC pipe. The soil is then placed above the geo-textile and planted as a normal garden bed. Fill the reservoir by hand and from this point the roots of the plant draw water upwards from the reservoir.

Benefits of the Raised Wicking Bed system
Reduces water usage by up to 50% while increasing plant growth
Little or no water evaporation with efficient water use.
Watering not effected by windy conditions
The conditions inside the wicking bed provide conditions in which micro biological activity can flourish and help regenerate the soil giving you better soil.
Faster growing and healthier vegetables
Can leave your self watering bed whilst on holidays or long absences
Can be used as a rain garden and plumbed into a small roof area ie. garden shed, cubby house.
Absolutely no digging required to make the reservoir

Brief history of the Wicking Bed
Colin Austin was a successful Western Australian businessman who became increasingly concerned about environmental issues.

In the late seventies Australia suffered a series of dramatic dust storms losing millions of tons of top soil. He saw the loss of top soil as a major threat and started a series of experiments to learn how to regenerated soil. His research activities lead to an invitation by World Vision to go to Africa to see if he could work out a way that local people could grow successful crops in areas that experience periodic droughts and erratic rainfall.

Colin Austin developed a unique system called the ‘wicking bed’ which essentially stored the rain water when it fell and was able to harvest it and store it for plants to use over periods of drought. This has enabled many villages to successfully plant, grow and harvest vital crops.

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Herb Ring

The Ezy Garden herb ring is a small convenient garden option to position near your kitchen door. This allows the home chef to quickly grab a bunch of fresh herbs to add to the evenings meal.

Beds from as little at 1000mm diameter up to your hearts content of herb ring with a folded edge to avoid cuts.

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