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Reservoir Tanks

Reservoir tanks are designed for rural properties and larger industrial sites where building size and capture space is large and land space is readily available.

Reservoir tanks range in size from 39,700 Litres through to 283,000 Litres.
A reservoir tank is constructed on-site using corrugated iron either in Zincalume or Colorbond finish.

They are lined with Industrial food grade, heavy duty polyethylene coupled with a central woven fabric specifically manufactured for tank lining applications.


Detention Tanks

On a Commercial/Industrial project where the Building Permit or local Council regulations requires the capture and timed release of water into the storm water system. This reduces the pressure placed on the system to avoid excess storm water accumulating in flooding prone areas

The captured water is released hours after the storm front has passed and the excess water is then safely flushed into the storm water system.

In a domestic situation the tank serves the same purpose, releasing water on a smaller scale, however it will also be reserving a specified amount of water for domestic use, toilets etc, usually the specifications are incorporated into the building plans and can be a vital component of the Certificate of Occupancy.

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